• About Me

    Growing up a first-generation Filipina American, entrepreneurship has always meant a variety of things for me. When I was in elementary school it meant selling blankets and rice with my mom from the trunk of our car on the weekends. When I was twelve it meant knocking on my neighbor's doors selling home-made frappuccinos, which was really the Ovaltine in the pantry with heart-shaped ice cubes. When I was at university it meant an entrepreneurial spirit as an intrapreneur leading 8,000+ students within a higher education system. Today, it means bringing an endless sense of curiosity and tenacity to whatever I build for communities, and enjoying the process while doing it. For me, entrepreneurship is a mindset in action, allowing for opportunity and innovation to provide solutions and value over time.


    One way I go about doing that is by being the CEO and Founder of InHerShoes Inc., the modern woman's community for courage, where we are redefining traditional standards of what it means to be a successful woman today. One act of courage at a time. When I'm not catalyzing courage for young girls and women across the globe, I work with talented, conscious changemakers at the intersection of corporations looking to do good and individuals who are committed to being better. I bring this work to life as a consultant and partner at Orenda Collective.


    Over the course of my career, I have had the honor and privilege of building programs alongside Echoing Green fellows, co-authoring the first book by students for students on student leadership, and working with global leaders like former White House Chief of Staff, Leon Panetta. From high school auditoriums to the United Nations Youth Assembly, I've spoken and shared my experiences for the common thread throughout my work: building up communities and the humans who lead them. Passionate about intersectional leadership and environment-centered design, I'm a Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, a Vital Voices and TRESemme Global Leadership Fellow, and most recently, have begun work as a United State of Women Ambassador, working alongside leaders from the White House Obama Administration.